Gilbert De Clercq

Gilbert De Clercq is a no-nonsense family-owned company founded in 1957 by Gilbert De Clercq in Sint-Niklaas. Today the company is being further developed by the second generation: Filip De Clercq. To better support our international customers, Gilbert De Clercq España was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Tudela. And De Clercq Slovakia followed in 2006 with its headquarters in Senec. With our headquarters in Temse, we aim to remain a key driver of the Belgian economy and labour market with our sustainable entrepreneurship and investments in local job creation.

Gilbert De Clercq always goes a step further for its customers: together we implement integrated solutions tailored to the company and its sector, based on innovation, availability and flexibility, and with respect for people and the environment. We continuously monitor our processes and improve where possible. Together with our employees, Gilbert De Clercq has grown over the years from a traditional transport supplier to a fully-fledged integrated logistics innovator. Each day, with a motivated team of 325 people, we are ready to serve our customers in the best way.

Together we make it happen!

Behind the wheels, since 1957!

Our knowledge – Your Guaranty!

Moving business forward

Gilbert De Clercq, with head quarters in Temse, is and wants to remain an important driver for the Belgian economy and labor market through local investments, sustainable entrepreneurship  and job creation.

Our trump cards: the ability to adapt quickly, flexibility and 24/7 availability.

We continue to invest in our fleet & warehouses in order to guarantee a full service support and meet the highest quality standards for customers and the environment.



We go further in our relationships: our aim is to be a long-term partner that provides integrated, tailor-made transport and logistics solutions.



We aim for maximum availability, delivered 24/7 by experienced and specialized people and supported by a perfectly maintained fleet & warehouses.



We care about our people and respect the environment. Only in this way can we deliver quality in a sustainable way.



Open and transparent communication is the heart of our business. We tackle obstacles head-on and remain in close contact.



We insist on short and direct decision lines, so we can guarantee the quality and speed of execution.



We pay attention to the environment and place great importance on sustainable entrepreneurship. We continue to invest in green & innovative logistics solutions.



Our focus remains on results: by continuously improving, we strive for the highest levels of satisfaction.

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