Generations behind the wheel, since 1957!

Gilbert De Clercq

Gilbert De Clercq is a family owned company founded in 1957 by Gilbert De Clercq in Sint-Niklaas. Today the company is being further developed by the second generation, Filip De Clercq. Due to the internationalisation of various customers, in 2002 Gilbert De Clercq España was established with headquarters in Tudela, and in 2006, De Clercq Slovakia based in Senec.

With our headquarters in Temse, we aim to be a key driver and stay ahead of the Belgian economy and the labour market, by investing locally and creating jobs.

In this, Gilbert De Clercq goes a step further by working with the customer, tailored to its industry, to seek integrated solutions backed by continuous innovation, flexibility and respect for people and the environment.

Together with our employees, Gilbert De Clercq has grown over the years from a traditional transport provider to a full-fledged integrated logistics innovator.

Each day we are at our customers disposal with a motivated team of 325 people.

Together we can change your logistics!