Brand new service center ‘Pachtgoed’ in Sint-Niklaas

Pachtgoed is the new sustainable construction project that Gilbert De Clercq has realized in Sint-Niklaas (BE), strategically situated close to the N16 (3km) and the E17 (4,5km).

This state-of-the-art building consists of a warehouse, a mezzanine, office-area and outside storage space with a combined total floor area of 6.500 m2. This Breeam compliant logistics building is fitted out with 436 kWp solar panels, 60 m3 of rain water recuperation, rain water collection points for slow water evacuation, adaptive led technology and many other sustainable features.

This site will be operated by Tosca. Tosca is a leading company in reusable packaging and pooling services for the supply chain.