“Samen Sterk” junto a nuestros socios comerciales en el “Kanaal Z -Canal Z”


Como parte de nuestro galardón de “Super Transporteur” de los últimos 30 años, se rodó el reportaje televisivo “Samen Sterk” junto con Transportmedia Bélgica y fue emitido durante el programa Transport & Van TV en el “Canal Z”. La sección “Samen Sterk” retrata muy bien la relación comercial entre Gilbert de Clercq y nuestros socios… Read more »

Ganador del premio “VOKA Emprendimiento sostenible” por 3er año consecutivo


Gilbert de Clercq se ha declarado ganador del premio VOKA por el Emprendimiento Sostenible por tercer año consecutivo, un gran reconocimiento por los pasos sostenibles que vamos dando día a día. En el último año hemos puesto todo nuestro empeño en velar por el bienestar de todos nuestros empleados, la igualdad de género, la diversidad…Hemos… Read more »

Gilbert De Clercq ha sido elegido Supertransportista de los últimos 30 años!


Lo logramos!!   Gracias por su abrumadora cantidad de votos, su cálido apoyo y, por último pero no menos importante, a nuestro gran equipo Gilbert De Clercq.

In Memoriam : Gilbert Luciaan De Clercq


With deep sadness we inform you that Gilbert Luciaan De Clercq, founder of Gilbert De Clercq in 1957, passed away at the age of 90. He was leading the company with a lot of pleasure and energy until 2007  and phased out his responsibilities during the following years to hand over the end responsibility of… Read more »



This year, we also participated in the’ Truck Driver’s Day’ to give our drivers a special treat. Under the slogan “Thank you for every mile, you drive with a smile. Thank you for being a part of our family” they could visit our warehouses and headquarter for a hot cup of coffee, a thank-you card, a tasty… Read more »

€1085 for the Emilie Leus fund


€1085 for the Emilie Leus Fund! During the car free day, the office employees donated 1€ per zero emission travelled km. The donation was done to Vincent Leus, the father of Emilie. He came to tell his touching story about his daughter who was the victim of a fatal traffic accident because of driving with… Read more »

Knights of the Road 2022


On 22 October, all our «Knights of the Road» (as many as 9 this year!) were invited to a breakfast at our Temse office, in cooperation with our insurer TVM. We organised this to congratulate them for driving damage-free with us for 3 or 5 years. So we couldn’t let this go unnoticed. Everyone enjoyed… Read more »

Car free day 2022


Discover our aftermovie of our car-free day! On Thursday 22/09/2022, we all left our cars at home and came to work in an alternative way. Many of us came by bike, but there were also colleagues who came out surprisingly. They arrived by rollerblades or one person even ran 14 km to get to work!… Read more »



We had the honour of welcoming Koen Daniëls, Flemish Member of Parliament for the N-VA  at our Gilbert De Clercq headquarters for the #vokazomerstage organised by Voka-Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen. We introduced him for one day in every branch of our agile family business.  

Gilbert De Clercq received his second Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship award!


Yes, Gilbert De Clercq received his second Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship award! 10 sustainable goals were successful accomplished! During the past year we have again realized many actions, including entering into sustainable partnerships, increasing the well-being of our employees, solar panels on our fridge trailers, extending the life of our tires and many others.… Read more »

25 new pharma trailers


The first delivery of 25 new PHARMA certified Schmitz Cargobull trailers. These 25 trailers are TAPA certified for high-quality goods and equipped with solar panels and low noise options.

Today we are supporting Ukraine!


Everyone knows by now what a terrible situation is currently going on in Ukraine and that’s why we want to do our bit to help them.   Our Ukrainian truck driver from Gilbert De Clercq Slovakia, Yuriy Tovtyn, left for Debica with aid goods for the Ukrainians. The Puurs-Sint-Amands working group is working with Debiça… Read more »

Day of the Truck Driver


On 9 December 2021, we participated in the ”Day of the Truck Driver” for the first time.   This day was all about our drivers, whom we were going to surprise with a tasty treat and a warm smile, both from our head office and from our warehouses. Our drivers loved it! This day is… Read more »

Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship certificate


We are proud to announce that last month we received the official “Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship certificate” for making our business operations more sustainable in the past year.   We realized different actions in line with the 17 SDG’s of the United Nations, such as building strong partnerships with stakeholders, reduction of plastic and CO2-emission,… Read more »

Brand new service center ‘Pachtgoed’ in Sint-Niklaas


Pachtgoed is the new sustainable construction project that Gilbert De Clercq has realized in Sint-Niklaas (BE), strategically situated close to the N16 (3km) and the E17 (4,5km). This state-of-the-art building consists of a warehouse, a mezzanine, office-area and outside storage space with a combined total floor area of 6.500 m2. This Breeam compliant logistics building… Read more »

Kanaal Z – Logistics hotspot Puurs


Gilbert De Clercq was on Kanaal Z for LOGISTICS TV with their 2 Puurs based warehouses during the broadcast of ‘logistics hotspot Puurs. Did you miss this? No worry! Discover all about our logistics activities in Puurs with Filip De Clercq and Eddy Huylebroeck.  

Surprise for all the Gilbert De Clercq employees


Nice to see our team enjoying the early morning coffee tasting. Kickstart of the day with the right fuel!

Knights of the road 2020


Our first participation @ridders van de weg @knights of the road was a success! Many Gilbert De Clercq drivers received the bronze recognition. TVM organised a splendid corona proof edition with a lot of care and respect to our drivers. Proud of our drivers who did it not have any accidents in fault for 3… Read more »

VOKA certification Sustainable Entrepreneurship


We are proud to announce that Gilbert De Clercq has been selected to participate in the Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) to further integrate sustainability within our company. We have drawn up an action plan in line with the 5 pillars of sustainable entrepreneurship (People, Planet, Partnership, Peace and Prosperity) and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals… Read more »

New IT system supporting our workshop & fleet


Since the beginning of our company we love our fleet! We always go for the best trucks & trailers. To support our workshop & fleet we decided to invest in a new IT-system that can help our people in their daily work and will give our management team more information about our fleet and costs.… Read more »

VOKA Summer internship with Koen Metsu


Koen Metsu, mayor of Edegem and Member of the Belgian Parliament, acquainted today Gilbert De Clercq with the transport planning, workshop and logistics activities during his summer internship in close collaboration with Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland.

Social distancing devices


Gilbert De Clercq uses social distancing devices to keep our employees safe and engaged.   As part of a project launched by VIL, Gilbert De Clercq tests different digital devices of leading tech players. The target is to support logistic operators in the accelerated and safe deployment of employees through wearable technology that maintains social… Read more »

The challenging COVID-19 period


During this challenging COVID-19 period, our Gilbert De Clercq team is doing great efforts to support our customers day after day.   Despite longer waiting times, peaking volumes, border controls,… we keep Moving Business Forward!

Ecocombi powered by LNG


Gilbert De Clercq has his first LNG Powered Ecocombi on the road. Due to the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) this Ecocombi saves up to 40% of CO2 exhaust compared to a normal truck. This will be the first most environmental friendly truck combination on the Belgian roads. Watch the video:     

Gilbert De Clercq runs business forward


The 8th of September, the city centre of Sint- Niklaas coloured orange during the Balloon Run. Our employees and their kids, family and friends ran 1,5 – 5 or 10 km. We also would like to thank all the fans who came to cheer for our team!            

Gilbert De Clercq Hercules Team wins 2 times!


On Saturday June 22nd, Gilbert De Clercq participated at the famous Hercules Trophy Event in Mechelen. With more than 150 participating teams, Gilbert De Clercq’s DNA was extremely challenged during 12 exceptional Hercules labours. We defended our last year’s title with the same enthusiasm, passion, motivation and respect.  This under the motto «Your vision, Our… Read more »

Primary school students visit Gilbert De Clercq


Traditionally Gilbert De Clercq organizes annually a blind spot training for its own employees to raise their awareness of vulnerable road users. However, on Tuesday, May 7, we received a visit from the students of the 6th grade of the primary school Temse-Velle . These 12 year olds experienced the blind spot danger and learned… Read more »

Brand new Gilbert De Clercq trailers


Some brand new Gilbert De Clercq trailers delivered as a further expansion of our fleet to support the growth of our customers. All these trailers are equipped with telematics, TAPA certified safety locks and anti-theft curtains to secure better the loading and to avoid intruders and theft. Watch the video:    

Gilbert De Clercq starts 2019 with a sustainable investment in solar panels


2 logistics buildings in Puurs were equipped with solar panels. The 2 solar parks will generate no less than 400,000 kWh per year, resulting in an annual CO2 reduction of 304 tonnes. After obtaining the lean and green star in early 2018, Gilbert De Clercq can not be stopped anymore. All investments are part of… Read more »

The Gilbert De Clercq butterfly is born!


Gilbert De Clercq is fully committed to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometre. After achieving the Lean & Green star in 2017, we wish to further reduce our CO2 emissions by, amongst other things, focusing on additional LHVs and alternative fuel vehicles. The first vehicles on LNG are a fact! To create a distinction… Read more »

Gilbert De Clercq has the Coolest Hercules Team.


Gilbert De Clercq won The Coolest Hercules Trophy 2018. The event “Hercules” is very famous and has several succesful editions in Mechelen, Dubai, New York, München, Johannesburg and Madrid. Gilbert De Clercq participated for the first time and immediatly won the price for Coolest Team. The Gilbert De Clercq Team defended the orange and brown colors under… Read more »

Training Gilbert De Clercq drivers


In order to improve safety and customer satisfaction, we organized a training for our motivated drivers.

The Huge Voka Business Quiz


Gilbert De Clercq participates in the campaign «The Big Voka Business Quiz». Our business idea was included as a question in the quiz and put on a banner  that can be admired today on our site «Pullaar Logistics». This makes Gilbert De Clercq one of the 400 companies throughout Flanders that supports this huge campaign! Why… Read more »

Gilbert De Clercq receives the Lean and Green Star!!!


In 2011, Gilbert De Clercq submitted a project to the Flemish Institute for Logistics (VIL) to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% over a period of 5 years, a reduction that after approval by VIL was awarded with a Lean and Green Star. A working group was set up at the beginning of last… Read more »

Traffic Lesson ‘Blind Spot Accidents’ @ the Grand Place of Sint-Niklaas


Every year there are a number of deaths caused by traffic accidents with trucks as a result of the ‘Blind Spot’. Therefore Gilbert De Clercq organized on Tuesday the 28th of November, 2017 a traffic lesson concerning this ‘Blind Spot’ for the children of  the Berkenboom Mozaïek school. On the Grand Place of Sint-Niklaas there were… Read more »

Kanaal Z – Trendsetter


Gilbert De Clercq on Kanaal Z for LOGISTICS TV in trendsetter. Over the years, Gilbert De Clercq has evolved from a provider of transport services, through warehousing and value-added logistics solutions, to solutions that address the entire supply chain. Click here to view the video                       

Balloon run


On Sunday afternoon the 3th of September 2017, the Grand Place of Sint-Niklaas colored orange. The Gilbert de Clercq running and supporting team counted more than 70 people. Running business forward during the balloon run 2017. Proud to be part of this amazing team.         



Only happy faces on the 1st edition of the Truckrun in Haasdonk on  Sunday the 13th of August 2017. Truckers 4 you organized this event to give people with a disability an unforgettable experience. Of course Gilbert De Clercq was present!!!  

Moving business forward @ “Pullaar Logistics”


The start of the inbound operations @ the new warehouse “Pullaar Logistics” in Puurs, Belgium. Watch the video: Some impressions:            

Low Noise fridge trailers


As stated in our new baseline “moving business forward” we are continuously searching for the latest innovations to improve our core business.

New warehouse “Pullaar Logistics” in Puurs


The groundbreaking ceremony of our new warehouse “Pullaar Logistics” in Puurs” on 16 December 2016.   Watch the video:   Some impressions of this special day: