Social distancing devices

Gilbert De Clercq uses social distancing devices to keep our employees safe and engaged.


As part of a project launched by VIL, Gilbert De Clercq tests different digital devices of leading tech players.

The target is to support logistic operators in the accelerated and safe deployment of employees through wearable technology that maintains social distancing.
As long as there isn’t a vaccine, social distancing measures will play an important / crucial role in controlling COVID-19.


In close collaboration with VIL, Gilbert De Clercq has accepted the major challenge for other logistic service providers, retailers and even production companies to test and keep control on the 1.5 minimum distance between operators, colleagues & visitors.
VIL has provided us with kits with social distance alarms to test & report the results by completing a survey. More information about VIL & the project can be found here.