The Gilbert De Clercq butterfly is born!

Gilbert De Clercq is fully committed to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometre. After achieving the Lean & Green star in 2017, we wish to further reduce our CO2 emissions by, amongst other things, focusing on additional LHVs and alternative fuel vehicles.

The first vehicles on LNG are a fact!

To create a distinction between the Diesel trucks and the trucks on LNG, we have launched our own eco-label. The Gilbert De Clercq butterfly is born!

This butterfly will be seen on all future sustainable investments we make. The butterfly is made from elements of our corporate identity namely the characteristic «i» as a body and the tags as wings. The Gilbert De Clercq butterfly stands for sustainability.

Our LNG trucks are already driving on the Belgian roads and will be deployed on longer routes as the network of petrol stations providing LNG expands.