Cookie policy

With this policy Gilbert De Clercq aims to inform visitors to its website about its policy on cookies.

Gilbert De Clercq advises visitors to read the policy carefully, since this document contains essential information regarding the use of cookies.

Purpose for use of cookies

Gilbert De Clercq uses cookies to adapt its website as closely as possible to the needs and preferences of visitors.

Acceptance and refusal of cookies

When visiting the website visitors will be informed (by means of a pop-up) which cookies are used. Visitors may refuse cookies at any time.

However, Gilbert De Clercq wishes to inform visitors that if they refuse to accept cookies, certain parts of the website will not function properly. It is possible that the visitor will no longer have access to the services that Gilbert De Clercq offers on the website.

If the visitor does not change his or her cookie settings and chooses to ‘continue’ when first visiting the website, Gilbert De Clercq assumes that the visitor accepts the various types of cookies and their use.

Technical information about cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is an information file which is placed on the web browser of a computer or mobile device – such as a smartphone, iPhone or iPad – by the server of the website that the visitor is consulting. The cookie contains a code that can be read by the server that placed it on the visitor’s web browser. The website being visited does not have access to other information files located on the visitor’s computer or mobile device.

How is a cookie file structured?

A cookie file consists of the following components:
– The name of the server that placed the cookie file on the computer;
– An expiry date;
– A unique numerical code.

What are cookies for?

Cookies ensure that visitors to the website have the best possible experience. Among other things, this means enabling the visitor to navigate more quickly and easily between the different parts of the website and adjusting the content of the website to the visitor’s personal preferences, for example their preferred language.

Where can I find these cookies?

The cookies are placed in a separate folder for the web browser on the hard disk of the visitor’s computer or mobile device.

How can the visitor manage the cookies?

Visitors control the management of the cookies themselves. They can adjust the settings of their web browser according to their personal preferences. They can delete cookies which have already been installed at any time, and refuse new cookies by adjusting their browser settings.

Use of cookies by Gilbert De Clercq

Gilbert De Clercq only uses the following cookies:
– Non-functional cookies

Cookie name: GA – Function: Google Analytics: tracking statistics. Keep track of how the User visits the website, with a view to improving services and online portals. This cookie is used to keep track of the client identifier (clientID). Privacy Policy from Google: – Data storage time: 2 years.

If the necessary cookies are disabled the visitor will have the impression that certain parts of the websites are not working properly.
If visitors still have questions regarding the use of cookies, or comments regarding Gilbert De Clercq’s policy, they are welcome to contact Gilbert de Clercq via mail :