Supply Chain

Over the years Gilbert De Clercq has grown from a full service transport carrier – adding warehousing and value-added logistics services along the way – to a solution provider covering the entire supply chain.

As logistics partner we are constantly engaged in providing highly integrated services to optimize your goods flows and solve all your logistics issues. As a European logistics player, we can build a lasting partnership with your company based on our experience and the knowledge of our professional staff.

Our specialized and trained employees can provide optimum service thanks to vertical integration and the outsourcing of personnel on-site with our customer. Thus each logistics issue gets the perfect answer.

We strive for a maximum win-win situation!



Specialized logistics expertise

Integrated total solutions

Control Tower

We apply our specialized logistics knowledge to advise you on your supply chain management. We develop total solutions for our customers that truly add value.

We have installed the 4PL “control tower” system for multiple customers. This allows us to manage the entire supply chain, including the detection of potential cost reductions which are then discussed with the customer and implemented.

From specialization to realization!

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