People & Environment


Sustainable entrepreneurship with a focus on people forms the basis of our services.
The Lean and Green Star, participation in the Connect 2LNG consortium and the signing of the “Sustainable Logistics” charter are just a few examples of our commitment to reduce our ecological footprint.

For several years, we are laureates of the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, in which we undertake various actions year after year in the context of the 17 SDGs. This led to our sustainability report, which shows in a nutshell which actions were achieved.
In recognition of these sustainability efforts, we were rewarded SDG Pioneer, which is officially recognized by the United Nations.

In addition, we are proud holders of the silver EcoVadis medal. With this result, we are among the top 25% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.

Gilbert De Clercq is one of the 2 Belgian transport companies currently carrying out tests with LHV trucks within the pilot project of the Flemish Government. Using these LHVs, even driven by LNG trucks, reduces CO2 emissions by more than 25%.

Our newest warehouses are Breeam certified, using green electricity. All our buildings are equipped with solar panels, full LED lighting and we dispose of a wind turbine.
And we continue to invest in green and sustainable logistics solutions.